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RetroKit Invests in Art - January 19 2007
For many years our walls have been bare at Retrokit towers so at last we've decided to invest in some art.  We particularly like the money series painted by Antipodean (from where we are) Anthony White. 

Anthony has had a brilliant idea which you can see by clicking on the picture on the right - which is currently for sale on Anthony's site. We have since bought three more including one of the earliest, the 6 painting.

Anthony has been on the end of quite a bit of criticism regarding his art - which, when you think about it, is the same experience many brilliant artists had!  Power to your elbow Anthony.

The latest news is that the 8 euro and $8 paintings sold recently for US$500 each.  The 8 painting shown is still for sale at a price of US$600.  It makes our 6 painting bought for less than US$170 look like a good investment not least because we've already been offered US$400 for it!

Wikipedia Employs Extremists -
Jan 13 2007
Retrokit has recently taken interest in Wikipedia.  Investigation by Retrokit via discussions with Wikipedia editors reveals a sinister layer of censorship and control by the purportedly open encyclopaedia site.  One editor in particular, a self-proclaimed member of an anti-religion and pro-communist American organisation, who also believes that one day Wikipedia will attain self-awareness, controls much of the technology related content of the site.  We should all be very wary of a site that allows overtly political characters with dubious and sometimes worryingly fantastical beliefs to control what our children may regard as educational content.  Further information can be found here and here.
Will the Apple iPhone Succeed? - Jan 9 2007
Could the Apple iPhone be the gadget we've all been waiting for?  Will it dispense with the need to carry a PDA, a phone and a music player by combining all these things into one unit?  Time will tell but the thing looks fantastic; and if the touch screen lives up to the claims then Apple could be onto a winner.  Mr Gates must be sick as a pig - be sure though that he'll follow soon, as he always follows, with a Zune phone!
Why Can't Sir Clive Get It Right? - November 15 2006
Those of you that may have read my book (see below) will realise that Sir Clive Sinclair holds a special place in my interest in technology.  I do, however, find him so frustrating.  As well as being a technophile I am also a very keen cyclist so I feel qualified in saying that Sir Clive's new A Bike is destined to go the same way as his Zike and the C5!

Despite it being a clearly clever piece of design he continues to miss the point completely in using the tiny almost roller skate-sized wheels.  There was an opportunity here to come up with a Brompton (the best folding cycle still) beating product but Sir Clive has clearly not consulted those that know best - the potential buyers.