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Retrokit Steampunk Clock number 3!

We've skipped showing you Steampunk clock number 2 as it's a bit boring.  But Steampunk clock number 3 is rather nice.  The dial is a mere 7cm across so we've fitted the smallest nixie tube clock we could find.  The circuits were built from a kit and fitted into the clock with some minor modifications.  We think it looks rather nice.  See for the clock kit.



The Retrokit Steampunk Nixie Tube Long Case Clock!

The Retrokit Steampunk clock was recently constructed from a 1930s granddaughter clock case (suitably treated for woodworm!) with a Polish nixie tube digital clock movement inserted.  A red acrylic panel serves as a dial cover. 

We'll be making more of these.  Contact us if you're interested in buying one.

The ZX80 limited edition prints are all sold (see the story below for more about Retrokit art prints).

The first series of Pepe Tozzo's limited edition prints sold out very quickly.  Series two is now available for order.

Series two is called Quattrovision and you can see what it looks like by clicking on the image.  The print is based on Pepe's own Sinclair Microvision television.

This is a bolder creation than the ZX80 series - we expect it will sell out as quickly as the first series.  You can go to the Retrokit Art page by clicking HERE

Retrokit Techno Art - Available Now -
March 5th 2007
Retrokit is proud to announce a series of very limited canvas prints of photographs by Pepe Tozzo, author of Collectable Technology (Carlton Books).  Pepe is also one of Miller's Collectables experts and has appeared on TV and Radio.

A keen photographer, many of Pepe's photographs of technology appear in his and other writers' books.  For the first time his photos, digitally enhanced in what some may claim to be an artistic fashion, will be available as a strictly limited series on canvas.

The first series of ONLY FIVE canvas prints (12x12 inches) is based on a photo of Pepe's own Sinclair ZX80.  Click on the photo to go to our art page.

Each print is signed by Pepe and comes with a certificate showing the issue number and authenticity.  More series are in the pipeline, some will be of Sinclair calculators and each strictly limited to only five prints - some on canvas like the ZX80 series, some may be on vinyl and possibly other media.

Only one of the first series is left to go.  Hurry if you want to secure it.  The price of each ZX80 print is 55 which includes delivery anywhere in the World.  You can go to the Retrokit Art page by clicking HERE

Forget the asteroids our fate is just outside the Windows! -
Feb 2 07
Retrokit remembers life before home computers; and, of course, before Microsoft Windows.  Back in the days when a certain Mr Gates was writing software for a box of tricks called the Altair nobody knew what a stranglehold his later digital offspring would have on humanity.  Today our whole lives are governed by networks of hacked-together electronic boxes running badly-written and poorly implemented operating systems produced by a single company.  Those anti-globalisation mini-terrorists that throw their sandals at burger joints are missing the point.  We are all at the mercy of the one and only megacorp - and we're going to realise it fairly soon. 

Firefox is better and safer than IE
- January 27 2007
Are you fed up with with the security holes in Internet Explorer?  Are you sick of weekly updates downloading to your computer to plug a seemingly never-ending list of security problems?

Anti-phishing features in Firefox 2.0 perform better than equivalent security technologies in IE7, according to a study commissioned by the Mozilla corporation.

The tests, performed by testing firm SmartWare and audited by iSEC partners, looked at how each browser responded to known phishing URLs as identified by community anti-phishing website Phishtank.

Firefox in its most secure configuration blocked 81.5 per cent of the 1,040 phishing websites, whereas IE7 blocked only 66.4 per cent. Even with the Ask Google feature turned off, Firefox 2.0 blocked 78.9 per cent of the dodgy domains identified by Phishtank.

In 243 instances Firefox blocked fraudulent domains that IE allowed against 117 occasions when Firefox allowed visits to sites IE correctly identified as fraudulent. Both browsers failed to recognise 65 dodgy websites.

Download your copy of Firefox using the link at the top of this story.  It's FREE!







The Calculator Collecting Ring

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